Watt Family, Oct. 1st, 2014


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Hi there Meghan, Tyler, and E.J.! It was such a joy to work with your family - I think we got some great images, and you were all amazing!


The images below are the 'first picks' I made of all those I shot.  Now you have the hard job in this next phase - picking your favorites, and the images you'd like me to do final edits of. As you pick, keep in mind the following tips and instructions:


Notes Specifically For This Album:


1) For the earlier set of the family on the Bund, there are a variety of poses/options. Choose the ones you like based on the family - as I will spend quite a bit of extra time with the images you choose from this set in particular to do DEEP edits to leave you with final images that don't have background people in them... it makes for a more 'iconic' and compelling shot, in my opinion (and I think they look FANTASTIC, by the way - you guys were amazing!). I've done one (though it's not quite polished to an absolute finish) as the first image in the set below (001), followed by what the original image looked like out of camera so you can see the difference (image 002). The rest of the shots won't be as heavily worked over - but that first set in particular just looks amazing with that extra effort.  Also note that although I can't remove 'background people' from all images, for 008/009 I would obvously remove myself from the shot (ha!), and for 025, I would be able to remove the man on the right who inconviently stepped into the frame on the bridge (if you chose any of those images for final shots). 


2) Your promo package includes 20 edited images delivered to you at full resolution, and one 16x24" professional print. As I mentioned on Wednesday, since you're moving, you can opt to 5 additional edited images (for a final total of 25) in lieu of the print for the session fee you've already paid in case you're worried about space.  That being said, I'm a big advocate of prints, because we all intend to get special images printed and rarely find the time to get around to doing it! :) It all depends on your preference though. 

I'll also note that for any package, additional images can be edited and included at full resolution for an additional fee, or bought in 'packages' as listed below:


  • Single additional edited image: 100 rmb

  • 5 additional edited images: 400 rmb

  • 10 additional edited images: 700 rmb


3) Please make your choices by leaving a 'comment' in the box below these instructions (I've left additional instructions there!). 


General Instructions/Notes:


1) All images are currently UNEDITED. They are taken as-shot, straight out of the camera. Don't worry about skin blemishes, etc. - I'm very good at editing those types of details!

2) Pick images based on things like: what you have the strongest emotional response to, expressions, poses, and overall composition/framing. Don't leave an image off of your 'list' of picks because of small variations in color, tone, or small distractions (like a few stray hairs that are out of place, etc.). Those issues can all typically be fixed/corrected in editing. 


3) All images below are not full-resolution - they are sized for convenient downloading/viewing here on the website. I will edit the final images you choose and give them to you on a DVD, or make them available for digital download at full resolution, without a watermark. The size of final images is quite large - and more than enough to make large prints of if you wish.


4)  Different people have differnent tastes when it comes to editing in Photoshop. I always aim for a balance of editing that looks natural, but that highlights the beauty of the subject in the most flattering way possible. Some people like images to be almost completely unedited - leave all freckles, moles, etc. I can edit the pictures for you according to your preferences - because they need to be images that resonate with you! 


Selecting Your Final Images for Editing:


Please follow the instructions in the comment box below for selecting the final images you want me to edit and get to you in full-resolution.  Once you have finished selecting your images in the comment box below, please either send me an email (chris@v2photography.com) - text, WeChat, or WhatsApp messages are also fine!  Editing will typically take no more than one week from the day you have made your selections; I try to get them done as quickly as possible, however!


Once editing is finished, I will either burn the files for you on a DVD, or make them available to you by digital download. If you have selected additional images beyond what the package includes, we can discuss the easiest way to make the payment then (usually at the time I deliver the final images). 


I can't wait to see what you pick! 


Best Regards, 



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