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V2 Photography was recently featured in Photography Life in an article about street photography - one of the leading review and educational websites for photography enthusiasts and professionals. Although family portraiture, newborns, and studio work comprise most of my time behind a camera, I am also an avid street photographer in my "spare time" (ha!). The article focuses on street photography, but applies principles that are helpful for just about any photography, and the choice of your 'Presence' in the creative process of making an image.

Regardless of your level in photography, PL is an invaluable online resource to learning and reviews. When I began photography on a film camera (long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...) I used these things called "books" to learn about aperture, and shutter speed, and exposure, and ISO... the reality today is that ANYONE has a wealth of incredible tutorials (video, and written) to help them learn and improve their photography skills. Photography Life has been on my 'daily read' list for several years now, and comes with my highest recommendation for anyone wanting to learn more about this incredible artistic medium. To read "The Choice of 'Presence' in Street Photography", and to check out the rest of the website, you can check it out here!

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