The Battle Family - First 24 Hours Delivery Session - December, 2014

Being a photographer has its perks to be sure - but among the many there are, nothing ceases to move me like the experience of being able to photograph families in the first moments of a new life being brought into the world. In photography, there are a few critical components to any powerful image - but light and emotion absolutely MUST be there. In the first 24 hours following birth, there is certainly plenty of the latter - and my best description is probably "sleepy joy." I had the honor of meeting and photographing the Battle family less than 24 hours following the delivery of their first son - in a hospital room that shared a wall to the very room where my wife and I had delivered our twin daughters just a year and a half ago.

I remember those early days for my wife and me well - but I certainly wish we had thought to ask a photographer to capture images of all of us, together - as naturally as possible - in those first hours. There is no way to go back in time and capture those particular images - and range of emotions - again. (Fortunately, since I'm a photographer, we obviously got a LOT of images from that time... but I'm sure not in many! That would be on the 'con' list of being a photographer...). They go so fast, and quickly blend into weeks and months (of increasing sleepy joy... which is a nice way of saying "exhausted, and sprinkled with immense reward along the way!). Thank you for allowing me to share a simple moment of this miracle in your family's journey!

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