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Pricing and Work: Behind Photography Prices


"Taking pictures is fun - so why should I pay you?"


"Wow... if you're shooting for XX hours at that price, you make $XXXX.XX and hour! Isn't that ridiculous? What are you, a lawyer or something?!?"


"If you shoot for me for free, you get to add to your portfolio! We all win big!"

"My friend has a big DSLR too. It's really expensive. Lots of buttons. Big lenses. Why don't I just get them to take the pictures?"


This infographic is not my own - it is being used courtsey of Francesco Spighi. And to be fair, it is designed for explaining the costs of wedding photography. But it absolutely applies, for every single type of photography I do (ok, ok - I don't have a car. But I still have to take a taxi, or pay for my awesome electric scooter, to get to your shoot. Let's not squabble over details!)


The truth is, there is a LOT of time and effort that go into any shoot - regardless of how big or small - and many people don't fully realize that, because cameras are what we use on vacation, or around the home for snapshots, or just because we love new gadgets. Enjoy!



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Shanghai Family Photographer

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Shanghai Family Photographer

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