Ivo Dordic & Family, June 24, 2018


*** Please note: The Gallery will probably take 30 seconds to a minute to load the first time you view this page, because images are rather large in filesize for optimal viewing quality. Please read the instructions and notes below carefully while you wait for the gallery to load!


With Chinese internet being unreliable and slow, if the pictures are still loading very slowly, or seem to not load at all after giving it a minute, try connecting with a VPN. If you have problems still, just let me know, and we'll find a work-around.


Hello all! I had such a great time working with you and your family to get these image, and you have such a good-looking family - I love what we got! 


The images below are the 'first picks' I made of all those I shot- and I know there are still a lot!  Now you have the hard job in this next phase - picking your favorites, and the images you'd like me to do final edits of. As you can see below, it was really difficult for me to narrow down the preview gallery... we got a lot of great images!  As you pick, keep in mind the following tips and instructions:


Notes Specifically For This Album:


1) There are a number of similar 'candid' shots of all of you walking in various places throughout the session, or slightly different poses or combinations of vertical/horizontal shots for various images; while they are similar in nature, and what you pick is up to you, I left them all in because I didn't know if one particular spot/street would be more meaningful to you, and sometimes it's good to have more options for being able to mix vertical vs. horizontal images. 


2) For the Bund/Skyline shots, just note that whenever possible, I'll try to minimize people in the background that are distracting (again- it depends on a variety of factors whether they can be removed and have it look natural - but I should be able to edit out anyone standing on the platform level/behind whoever is in the picture).


3) The "I Love Shanghai" package includes:

- 30 final edited images from this gallery 

Prints of:

- one 40x60 cm


- three 8x12 in prints


When you make your selections below, just let me know in the comments (or by email) what images you'd also like printed (they can be different images/in any combo... just let me know). I can also email you a price sheet for additional prints/albums, etc. if you'd like to order those through me - but as I said, you're welcome to do so on your own as well! I love prints, and mainly just want to encourage families to print somewhere, because I'm a believer in the idea that that is how images are best viewed and preserved. :)

For any package, additional images can be edited and included at full resolution for an additional fee, or bought in 'packages' as listed below 


  • Single additional edited image: 100 rmb

  • 5 additional edited images: 400 rmb

  • 10 additional edited images: 700 rmb

  • All remaining images in gallery: 1500 rmb


3) Please make your choices by leaving a 'comment' in the box below these instructions, or by emailing to me directly. BE SURE to email or text me if you leave comments below/here though, so I know they're up.



General Instructions/Notes:


1) All images in the preview gallery have fairly basic edits done thus far - basically adjustments I would consider normal for getting a good sense of the final image before final edits at this resolution. There is no "touching up" of faces/stray hairs/etc. yet - so don't worry about skin blemishes, etc. - I'm very good at editing those types of details! I will try to minimize blowing/stray hair when possible also - but depending on the exact shot, sometimes this is possible, and sometimes, only minimally so. Please also note that whenever possible, I'll remove distracting background elements like people, trashcans, etc. if I can do so and still have it look natural - basically, I'll make your final selection edits reflect the absolute best those particular pictures can be. 

2) Pick images based on things like: what you have the strongest emotional response to, expressions, poses, and overall composition/framing. Don't leave an image off of your 'list' of picks because of small variations in color, tone, or small distractions (like a few stray hairs that are out of place, etc.). Those issues can all typically be fixed/corrected in editing. 


3) All images below are not full-resolution; they are sized for convenient downloading/viewing here on the website. I will edit the final images you choose and give them to you on a flash drive, or make them available for digital download at full resolution, without a watermark. The size of final images is quite large - and more than enough to make large (actually, gigantic!) prints of if you wish.


4)  Different people have different tastes when it comes to editing in Photoshop. I always aim for a balance of editing that looks natural, but that highlights the beauty of the subject in the most flattering way possible. Some people like images to be almost completely unedited - leave all freckles, moles, etc. I can edit the pictures for you according to your preferences - because they need to be images that resonate with you!


Selecting Your Final Images for Editing:


Please follow the instructions in the comment box below for selecting the final images you want me to edit and get to you in full-resolution.  Once you have finished selecting your images in the comment box below, please either send me an email (chris@v2photography.com) - text, WeChat,  messages are also fine!  


I can't wait to see what you pick! 


Best Regards, 



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