Claire - 24Hour Mia Preview Gallery, Dec. 5, 2014


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Hi there Claire, Miguel, and Raul...and now Mia! It was truly an honor to get to come and make these images with you guys during such a special time... seeing Mia brings back so many memories of our girls! She's a little heartbreaker already - and I especially love some of the shots here with her big brother! :)


Notes Specifically For This Album:


1) The final edits for this will likely have quite a few (if not most) images in Black & White - this helps minimize skin tones/blotches that are normal for newborns. although I think there are some images here that will also render beautifully in color - they'll be some mix. :) I've done a few extremely quick conversions to black and white, which is a very different editing process than for color, just to give you an idea of how finals might render - by no means exactly what they'd look like, but enough for an idea.


2) As we knew, Mia had some dry/cracked skin (especially on her precious little hands and toes!). Don't worry about that, or the little blotches on her face, etc. - again, those will edit fine... just focus on poses/expressions/compositions that you like and prefer, and leave the rest to me in final edits. :)


3) As we talked about - just choose something in the ballpark of 15 images that you want me to do final edits on, and then I'll do some basic stuff to the rest and give you all together. 


She's such a cutie - and it was so special to get to do this with you all in these first hours of her life! I'm honored to be a small part of the start of that journey! :) Just email me when you've got selections made!


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