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Hi Kimberly, Ryan, and Parker!! I trust all of the transition of a newborn has been going as smoothly as possible! We managed to get some great, beautiful shots of Parker in that narrow window when he actually fell asleep - which is great! Thanks again for all the help and assist (from Ryan's mother too!). Love so many of the images we got!


The images below are the 'first picks' I made of all those I shot.  Now you have the hard job in this next phase - picking your favorites, and the images you'd like me to do final edits of. As you pick, keep in mind the following tips and instructions:


Notes Specifically For This Album:


1) You'll notice that I've already done some extremely quick edits and conversions to B&W for some of the pictures - some of the solos of just Parker I probably prefer in B&W, but others will also be beautiful in color - so you've got some options there. Likewise for the ones of you guys as a family - I'm a little more drawn to B&W as a personal preference for lots of newborn shots, but it's certainly up to you as well - if there are any in particular that you would like in color, just make note of that in the comments when you make your selections! :)


2) Some of the pictures may have a finger or hand supporting Parker's leg to keep him from exposing his baby-bits to the camera - don't worry about this, as I just edit them out. Just focus on the poses/facial expressions you like the most, and I'll take care of the rest! (Or likewise, there is one where the roll of backdrop is visible above Ryan's head - again, easy to Photoshop out if that's one of your finals). 


3) As with all newborns, in any of the ones that aren't already converted to B&W, you'll notice skin blemishes/red splotches on Parker - this is completely normal, and I'll do a thorough retouch on all so it's not there in the finals you choose. There are already a few with relatively quick tweaks to minimize this just to give you an idea - I just don't have time to do that for all of the preview gallery images. So, again - focus on the poses/faces/compositions you like best, and know those details will be given a thorough edit to perfection in the final images!


4) The package includes:

-25 final, edited images delivered at full resolution

- One 8x12 print

- Ten 4x6 prints


Alternately, you can also opt for three 8x12 prints if you'd prefer those to the 4x6s. All depends on your preferences! Just make a note in the comment filed below which images you'd like as prints, and what size in those combinations, etc. Also, if you can, make the picks from the free 24 hour session at the hospital, and I can just send all of the final images over together. 


General Instructions/Notes:


1) All images are essentially unedited, except for some minor adjustments if I would have planned on cropping in advance, etc. Otherwise, they are taken as-shot, straight out of the camera. Don't worry about skin blemishes, etc. - I'm very good at editing those types of details! There is a balance with edits on newborns - as you want some of the fine fuzzy hair on shoulders/cheeks sometimes because it highlights how 'new' they were - and you certainly want to preserve some other details. Bottom line, I'll make every image look it's absolute best. 

2) So that means, for now,  pick images based on things like: what you have the strongest emotional response to, expressions, poses, and overall composition/framing. Don't leave an image off of your 'list' of picks because of small variations in color, tone, or small distractions (like a few stray hairs that are out of place, etc.). Those issues can all typically be fixed/corrected in editing. 


3) All images below are not full-resolution - they are sized for convenient downloading/viewing here on the website. I will edit the final images you choose and give them to you on a flash drive, or make them available for digital download at full resolution, without a watermark. The size of final images is quite large - and more than enough to make large (actually, gigantic!) prints of if you wish.



Selecting Your Final Images for Editing:


Please follow the instructions in the comment box below for selecting the final images you want me to edit and get to you in full-resolution.  Once you have finished selecting your images in the comment box below, please either send me an email ( - text, WeChat, or WhatsApp messages are also fine!  Editing will typically take no more than one week from the day you have made your selections; I try to get them done as quickly as possible, however!


Once editing is finished, I will give you these final edits along with all of the others from the session in a few days (you'll have 25 final edits from that one) - but we'll get to that soon enough. If you want a few of these ASAP, I can try to get them to you quickly so you have them to post/share with friends family - it's a little crazy until this conference is over on Thursday, but after that, things get a little more manageable. 


I can't wait to see what you pick - and can't wait for the next session! Will give you a ring/text tomorrow about scheduling the time for that one. 


Best Regards, 


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