Photographer (n): Writer of Light. 


Photography is light. Its presence, its absence, its quality, its strength, and its color -- all captured in an instant with chemical paper or digital 1s and 0s. My passion for this artform is participating in the creation of an image that has the ability to tell a story.  Our stories are our lives - and we write them every day. These stories can be spoken without words, and can remembered through the art of an image. They can be written and remembered with light...whether it is the shining eyes of your child, the glint of sun in the allyways of Shanghai, or the mouth-watering wonder of fine cuisine and food. Capturing these stories - to me - is both a small miracle... and a LOT of fun. 


These are the stories I love to capture, and hope to share with you. Most 'about' pages start with a story about when the photographer first picked up a camera (for me, my high-school graduation ask was my first manual Minolta SLR). But in the end, the most important things to know about me are, quite simply: my sincere curiosity in people's stories and journeys, the central cast in my own (my wife and two beautiful daughters), and my hope to help you tell your stories through this artform. 


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